Maria reviews Paris Hilton – Paris

Maria reviews Paris Hilton – Paris     When a beautiful heiress decides she would like to release an album, the public are keen to find out if she has any real talent. Some already have an opinion: that she’s a spoilt little madam who can’t sing and is only recording an album because she’s […]

Maria reviews Acoustic Love – Double Album CD

Maria reviews Acoustic Love – Double Album CD     This double album has been described as ‘a stunning collection of today’s finest singer/songwriters’. Sometimes it’s nice to listen to a compilation album, as you don’t get so bored as you might do listening to a single artist or band. This collection is a real […]

Zee reviews Emerald – Master I Am

Master I Am is a celebration of proper classic (or vintage, as they describe it) rock that track after track keeps pouring out of this super dynamic and tight, multi-national five-piece, whose musical craftsmanship lies in the hands of the drummer Thomas Maher. And an extraordinary work he does indeed, producing tunes that have a […]

Chris reviews Gary Moore – Still Got the Blues

Gary Moore’s 1990 release ‘Still Got the Blues’ holds the record as the biggest selling blues album of all time. To date it has become the career-defining album of this highly talented Belfast-based guitarist and yet it was intended as a retrospective of the 1960s blues-rock songs that had inspired him to learn the guitar […]